Suppliers Terms and Conditions


Except to the extent otherwise agreed to in a separate written contract signed by Shepard Bros. (“Shepard Bros.”) and the vendor, supplier or subcontractor (“Seller”), these standard terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the purchase of all goods (“Goods”) and services (“Services”). The Terms or such written contract (as applicable) and the commercial terms in a Shepard Bros. purchase order (together the “Order”), constitute the entire agreement (“Agreement”) between the parties and any provisions or conditions (including without limitation those contained in any Seller quote, proposal, acknowledgment or order confirmation) which are in any way inconsistent with or in addition to the Terms or such contract, as applicable, are hereby rejected and shall not be binding on Shepard Bros. Any action by Seller in furtherance of the sale shall constitute acceptance of the Terms.

Section A and C apply to any purchase of Goods.

Section B and C apply to any purchase of Services.

Section A, B and C apply to any purchase of Services which are provided by Seller in connection with what is otherwise a purchase of Goods by Shepard Bros.